We are an US Company based in Houston TX, specialized in import of selected and high quality product and services from Italy.

ITALYANA is a limited liability company registered in the State of Texas.

Its CEO and founder an Italian entrepreneur and consultant manager for many years in Italy for several companies; his vision for ITALYANA is to create an exchange bridge of excellence from Italy to US.

Thanks to the many contacts on Italian territory, ITALYANA is able to establish direct links with different companies to arrange imports in the US.

The activity of ITALYANA is therefore oriented on three fronts:

  • First is to analyze and research on US territory the various needs and market niches still free and at the same time find solutions, addressing the foreign markets with a particular eye to Italy and once identified, operate the import and distribution.
  • Second is search for new and interesting ideas, services and exclusive products that Italian market offers and import them on the American market.
  • Third is to offer services to facilitate penetration into the US market through use of different communication channels, such as Internet, advertising in magazines and TV, this is open to all foreign companies interested in entering the US market.


The decision to open in state of Texas and particularly in the city of Houston is we made a careful analysis of the potential of the state and its important and continuous growth in recent years.

Houston especially in these recent years has had a huge growth in terms of economic development and opening of new activities, with a constant search for new ideas to develop business.

Unlike many other cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, where in recent years there has been a strong development and where the market is already saturated, Houston and Texas still have a huge potential for growth as they are still being developed commercially, new design trends and research new lifestyles.

Furthermore, the State of Texas has a high concentration of capital, thanks to the presence of three major economic centers of attraction such as energy, medicine and the aerospace sector.

ITALYANA then arises as a point of contact to meet new market demands and to connect directly to distributors or retailers with the right manufacturers.

In particular, ITALYANA import products and services from the Italian market.


The organization of ITALYANA is based on collaboration between several independent professionals who collaborate to develop various projects of import and export.

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