This is Barleycorn 1991 exclusive design footwear Made in Italy

Made in Italy since 1991, a footwear tradition that has been handed down for over 20 years with a shared Mission: create hero products, distinctive, contemporary and functional, able to tell stories and destined to last over time as icons of style. The values of the brand, tradition, innovation, identity, functionality, comfort, design, color, quality of the raw material and attention to detail, remain indelible over the years and are the guarantee of success of the brand in the international scene.

We met Barleycorn at WHITE Milano, an international trade show in Italy and talking with the owner, we felt the real passion and value to be a Made in Italy company, with real tradition and the view for a future of continuous innovation.

The Barleycorn Man and Woman reflect the values ​​of the brand in their lifestyle, they love precious, authentic, unique objects, they explore the places they visit on their travels, they are not anchored to a time or a fashion, but they interpret the style of the time in which they live, making it their own, looking for details that make it unique.

Fashion-conscious, updated on trends, they love a classic and casual style characterized by contemporary features, design, colors, fabrics. They are looking for innovation in details.

Unique style, soft lines, natural colors and extreme lightness are indistinguishable elements that make the brand unique. One rule: to know how to distinguish, with the naturalness of those who invent their own routes, in that adventurous journey that is the life of every day. Good wind, wherever you are going. Barleycorn was born as a pure design object: being a shoe is the structure that gives it an identity. The essential and linear style is its immutable characteristic.

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Barleycorn 1991