In Italy coffee made with a Moka, means BIALETTI

This Italian brand is a must for the coffee made with moka in Italy and not only, it’s an Italian historical brand and we love his funny and unique logo.
We tried different moka makers, but no ones at the end had created the right flavor for a good moka express coffè, like BIALETTI Moka.

Enduring quality & design

The Bialetti Moka celebrates more than 80 years of classic design elegance and technological simplicity.

From the early 1950s to the present day, Bialetti has manufactured over 200 million coffee makers. In particular, the Moka Express has become iconic and has allowed millions of consumers to enjoy great Italian coffee.

The Moka produces a rich, authentic espresso in just minutes. The aluminum pot features Bialetti’s distinctive eight-sided shape that allows it to diffuse heat perfectly to enhance the aroma of your coffee.

Starting with the original moka now Bialetti offer an incredible variety of models to better respond to all needs of clients. You can decide the size of your moka, the colors and there are a lot of different types.

Bialetti 4981 Rainbow Espresso Maker, Yellow
Bialetti 4952 Moka Express Espresso Maker, Black
Bialetti 06905 6-Cup Espresso Coffee Maker, Red
The Original Bialetti Moka Express Made in Italy 9-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker with Patented Valve
The Original Bialetti Moka Express Made in Italy 12-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker with Patented Valve

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