The exchange bridge for excellence

The main mission of ITALYANA is import in the US, exclusive and quality products/services mainly coming from Italy.

ITALYANA is the exchange bridge for excellence.

The main mission of ITALYANA is import in the US, exclusive,quality and selected products and services mainly coming from Italy.

ITALYANA import product and services and then promotes trade relations on US territory, especially on behalf of Italian companies that produce products strictly “Made in Italy”.

Operating directly on US territory, ITALYANA offers a comprehensive service that enables companies to develop concrete business relationships through support ranging from the search for potential new customers until the import and distribute of the products and services.

ITALYANA offers a complete service to expand the visibility on US territory with different media, like TV advertising campaign, web media campaign, ecommerce platform.

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Step into PAOLA TI

Hippie Chic jewelry Made in Italy!

Paola Ti is a creative Hippie Chic inspired jewelry line that adds a touch of sparkle to any outfit!
Every piece is unique and handcrafted with lots of love by Italian Artisans.

PAOLA TI is Imported and Distributed Exclusively in US by ITALYANA, LLC

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Made in Italy

It is not only an indication of a product’s origin, but it is the uniqueness of an idea that turns into something unique and exclusive